• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

CNN Continues to Project for Criminal Biden, Despite Proof of Illegal Voting

Criminal Biden Announces Wishful Thinking Comment on CNN

Despite the littany of proof of illegal voting and vote tampering across the country, fake news CNN, their MSM media cronies and accomplices in Big Tech continue to “project”. They are indeed ignoring all the proof that is coming out – and pretending and projecting that criminal Joe Biden and his half assed campaign actually won the election.

They are even going so far as to say that Sleepy Joe is selecting his cabinet. One of today’s phony articles is entitled “Biden announces 9 key members of White House staff“.

Joe Biden is just a clown in the DNC circus
Joe Biden is a CLOWN and the DNC just a circus …

We can only hope that Criminal Joe and none of these new ‘cabinet members” will ever get close to the White House.

It’s a very dangerous time, but still a GREAT time to be alive!

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